Slim Jenkins’ Place

Founded in 1933 by Slim Jenkins, Slim Jenkins’ Place began as little more than a corner juke joint. Under Jenkins’ disciplined hand, it soon became the premiere club in 7th Street’s blues and jazz orbit, widely recognized as West Oakland’s favorite nightspot.  Jenkins wanted to create a place where clientele of all races could listen to music, dance, and enjoy themselves. And enjoy they did. Continue reading “Slim Jenkins’ Place”

Harold “Slim” Jenkins

Harold Harold “Slim” Jenkins owned the most high-profile club on Seventh Street, and his role as a community leader earned him the title of “unofficial mayor of West Oakland.”

Jenkins was a commanding presence.  He was 6’5” and always dressed in a three-piece suit, swishing an unlit cigar from one side of his mouth to the other.  His closely-cropped silver hair was never out of place.

Jenkins was born in rural Monroe, Louisana, in 1891.  As a young man, he joined the military.  As soon as World War I ended, Jenkins moved to Oakland and started waiting tables and saving money, with the dream of one day opening his own club.  He finally made that dream come true in 1933, when he opened Slim Jenkins’ Club at 1748 Seventh Street. Continue reading “Harold “Slim” Jenkins”